MEP Anderson’s fury as mother caught in bomb alerts

Martina Anderson with her mother Betty Anderson
Martina Anderson with her mother Betty Anderson

Sinn Fein MEP Martina Anderson has spoken of her family’s anger at a succession of bomb alerts at the home she shares with her 90-year-old mother.

Ms Anderson said she was sickened that people would do such a thing, knowing that her mother Betty lives there and requires round-the-clock care as she suffers from Alzheimer’s Disease, mobility and other health problems.

“Our main concern is our mother,” Ms Anderson said. “My mother is 90 years of age. We had a birthday celebration just two weeks ago. She cannot walk, she cannot talk.

“My mother is one of the most solid republicans there has been. She has lived in that house for well over 30 years. Everybody knows my mother is in that home. Why would anybody do this?

“Whoever is doing this, it is absolutely shameful.”

A PSNI spokesman confirmed: “As a result of information received police carried out checks of two homes in the Galliagh and Edenballymore areas of Derry on Tuesday afternoon. Nothing untoward was found.”