‘Morph mask’ man robs Londonderry shopkeeper with screwdriver

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A man in a distinctive mask robbed a Londonderry shop assistant with a screwdriver, police have reported.

Detectives said the Strathfoyle incident took place on Thursday evening.

At around 6.30pm a male armed with a screwdriver entered a shop on Deramore Drive, police said. He threatened a female staff member, forcing her behind the counter and making her open the till before grabbing some cash and running off.

The shop assistant was left shocked but physically uninjured.

A Detective Inspector McStravick said: “The robber is described as wearing a full face mask, commonly known as a ‘morph mask’. Witnesses describe him as being around 6 feet tall and slim, possibly aged between 20 and 30. He is understood to have spoken with a local Derry accent.

“We are keen to hear from witnesses or anyone with any information. Strand Road Reactive and Organised Crime can be contacted by calling 101.”

If someone would prefer to provide information without leaving their name they can contact the Crimestoppers charity anonymously on 0800 555 111.