N.I. fraudster threatens woman on doorstep into handing over cheque for more than £1,300

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A female claiming to be from the tax office has threatened a woman in Northern Ireland into handing over a cheque for more than £1,300, according to Scamwise N.I.

The incident happened in Downpatrick when the fraudster arrived at the woman's door demanding more than £1,300 in unpaid tax.

The woman was threatened into writing the cheque.

The woman was threatened into writing the cheque.

The cold-caller proceeded to threaten the woman telling her if she didn't pay the money owed she would seize items belonging to the woman to cover the so-called debt.

The woman handed the scammer a cheque for £1,345 but as soon as the female fraudster left she contacted H.M.R.C. directly asking them if they had a representative in the area.

H.M.R.C was able to tell the woman that none of their representatives were in the area that day and the woman was able to cancel the cheque and didn't lose any money.

"If this happens to you, insist that the cold caller show some ID, and then phone the company they claim to represent to verify what they said using a number from their website, not a phone number the cold caller gives you," warn Scamwise N.I.

For more information on how to reduce the risk of falling victim to scammers visit the ScamwiseNI website.