NI dog owner's horror at pet's 'cocaine' poisoning

The owner of a two year old dog is angry and heartbroken after his pet died after eating a 'deal bag' of suspected cocaine.

Thursday, 21st November 2019, 3:49 pm
Sam, whose owner Sean believes was poisoned

Sean Burns said his pet pooch Sam, a Doberman he rescued almost a year ago, died within 15 minutes of eating the drugs on a street close to his home on Sunday (November 17).

Mr Burns, from Lurgan's Woodville St, said he had just returned from a local fish and chip shop and, soon after he returned home, Sam became violently ill.

"He made these loud screaming yelps as if he was in a lot of pain," said Sean who rushed to help him.

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Sean with his dog Sam

Though he brought him to a vet in nearby William St within minutes, Sam was dead.

"The vet told me he was poisoned. He opened his mouth and his lip was pure white. He told me his heart would have exploded," said an emotional Sean.

Mr Burns said he was furious that when he contacted the PSNI they told him it was not a matter for them. He also contacted the Dog Warden at Armagh, Banbridge and Craigavon Council who he said was 'very helpful'.

Sean said the 'deal bags' which he believes contained cocaine or some other illegal drugs, were laying on the street close to a house he claims was used by junkies.

Suspected drugs found on a pavement close to Sam and Sean's home

"There have been loads of complaints about the comings and goings at that house and the drugs about it. They were always partying," said Sean who took photos of the bags on the pavement.

Mr Burns revealed that he had found Sam running around the lakes last year and took him in. "He was malnourished. I took him to the vets to see if he was chipped but he wasn't. I contacted the dog warden who said, because he wasn't chipped, I could take him if I could handle him. I got him microchipped and kept him.

"I have always had Dobermans but with Sam we just had this special bond," said Sean who is very upset at his pet's death.

A PSNI spokesperson said: "Police can confirm we received a report at approximately 4pm on Sunday, 17th November. Enquiries into the matter are actively being pursued."