N.I. hotel 'F**k the Pope and the I.R.A.' wedding video reported to police - P.S.N.I. launch investigation

The P.S.N.I. has confirmed it has launched an investigation into a video featuring a newlywed bride and groom seemingly chanting 'f**k the Pope and the I.R.A.' at their wedding reception at a Northern Ireland hotel last week.

Tuesday, 8th October 2019, 4:29 pm
The wedding was held in the Loughshore Hotel in Carrickfergus.
The wedding was held in the Loughshore Hotel in Carrickfergus.

"Police have received a report in relation to a video posted on a social media site over the weekend - enquiries are continuing," said a spokesperson for the P.S.N.I.

The Belfast Loughshore Hotel, Carrickfergus hosted the wedding in question in the Loughview Suite on Friday October 4, 2019.

On Saturday, a short video clip emerged showing the two young newlyweds being greeted by their guests as they entered the function room.

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The newlyweds appear to be chanting 'f**k the Pope and the I.R.A.' as they enter the function room.

Tina Turner song 'Simply the Best' is heard playing as the couple enter the room and appear to shout 'f**k the Pope and the I.R.A.'

The groom can be seen embracing some of the guests sitting at the top table while his new wife appears to shout the slogan again and again.

Young children are only a few feet away from the newlyweds as they continue on with the chant.

The original video went viral when it was shared on social media and at the time of publishing it received more than 1.5 million views.

Young children are present throughout.

Many of those who saw the video criticised hotel staff for not interrupting and stopping the incident.

The Belfast Loughshore Hotel published a statement on its Facebook page on Sunday evening.

Stephen Carson, Group Operations Director, said the reason the incident went unchallenged was because of the "risk" of it "becoming something much worse".

"To the many people commenting 'why didn’t the hotel manager step in and put a stop to it?' - my answer is simple - I as the leader of the company would never ask or expect anyone who works with me to do something that I would not do myself and I can assure you all that I would not be prepared to 'pull the plug' and risk what was a 90 second episode where no-one was hurt becoming something much worse," said Mr. Carson.

There were people who supported the Loughshore Hotel for the way in which it managed the incident however there were also those who criticised the decision not to interrupt the chanting and the subsequent statement issued by Mr. Carson on social media.

One man who claimed to have had his wedding reception at the hotel said he was "disgusted" at the video.

"I got married in this room, in the Loughshore hotel. I'm absolutely disgusted," said Stephen Donnan-Dalzell.