No complaint received by the PSNI over SF MLA’s conduct

Daith� McKay
Daith� McKay
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The PSNI said that it had not received any complaint about Daithi McKay, four working days after the story about his alleged witness “coaching” broke.

After Mr McKay’s inappropriate contact with a committee witness was revealed last Thursday, DUP chairman Lord Morrow said he would “be referring the matter to the PSNI for investigation”.

He said that “what occurred is an abuse of the process and the privilege of the committee and it was used to besmirch the good name of the then-First Minister”.

Although Lord morrow did not mention the specific reason why he believed the matter may be of interest to police, TUV leader Jim Allister – a qualified barrister – had suggested that “any allegation to the PSNI of misfeasance in public office by MLA McKay must be rigorously examined”.

Last night, the PSNI told the News Letter: “Police have not received a complaint.

“If one is made, it will be examined by police.”

With the Assembly Standards Commissioner being called on to investigate, plus the finance committee itself, Alliance MLA Stephen Farry said there is “the potential for the bodies to be at cross-purpose and therefore important aspects to be missed without an independent inquiry”.

He added that the issue “needs to be above party politicking”, and should examine to what extent the committee’s entire Nama investigation had been “compromised”.