‘No thought given to human rights of unborn child’ - Allister

TUV leader Jim Allister
TUV leader Jim Allister
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TUV leader Jim Allister said Monday’s High Court judgement on abortion laws would “worry many people” and should be appealed.

“Human rights grounds are cited and yet no thought has been given to the human rights of the unborn child,” he said.

Mr Allister insisted the present law was “not an absolute bar” to abortion in cases of fatal foetal abnormalities, and added: “The courts have today over stepped their boundaries and sought to change the law rather than apply it. The judiciary should not seek to legislate any more than the legislature should seek to judge.”

Clare Bailey of the Green Party said she welomed the court recognised that “Northern Ireland’s archaic abortion laws breach human rights.”

Alban Maginness of the SDLP they would consider the ruling and “comment in due course”.