Northern Ireland Prison Officers who died in service

General views of H.M. Prison Maghaberry
General views of H.M. Prison Maghaberry

A total of 31 prison officers had died during their service in Northern Ireland before today.

Officer R Walker, who was murdered in 1942, was the first prison officer to die as a result of his employment. Twenty-nine staff members lost their lives during the Troubles between 1974 and 1993, and officer David Black was murdered in November 2012.

The list includes:

:: R Walker

:: William McCully

:: P C Dillon

:: John D Cummings

:: Robert John Hamilton

:: John Wesley Milliken

:: Thomas Graham Fenton

:: Desmond Ernest Irvine

:: Albert Miles

:: John Murdie McTier

:: Patrick Mackin

:: Michael Christopher Cassidy

:: Agnes Jean Wallace

:: George Foster

:: Edward Donald Jones

:: Thomas Gilhooley

:: David Teeney

:: Gerald Francis Melville

:: William Wright

:: William Wilson

:: Graham Cox

:: William Cecil Burns

:: Elizabeth Matilda Chambers

:: James Andrew Ferris

:: William McConnell

:: Patrick Thomas Kerr

:: Leslie Jarvis

:: Brian Samuel Armour

:: John Griffiths

:: James Alexander Peacock

:: David Black