P.S.N.I. berate 'selfish' N.I. motorist for 'horrendously' parking their car like this

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The P.S.N.I. has described the person responsible for the way in which they parked a car on a footpath in Belfast recently as "downright selfish".

The police shared the image of a white Mini Cooper parked on a footpath near Albert Street in Belfast and they didn't hold back with their criticism.

The image shared by P.S.N.I. West Belfast on social media.

The image shared by P.S.N.I. West Belfast on social media.

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"I know people may complain about getting parking tickets but this parking in Albert Street is downright selfish, definitely a ticket is very much in order here, at the very least," said the P.S.N.I.

The P.S.N.I. added: "How is someone pushing a double pram meant to bypass this horrendously parked vehicle?

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"Or how is a wheelchair user able to use the footpath without being massively inconvenienced by a Mini?!

"Parking like this is not acceptable and may seem petty to some people who are trying to save a few quid by not parking in a city centre car park but those using the footpaths should not be inconvenienced by your terrible parking! Please be a bit more mindful of where you park," warned the P.S.N.I.

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