Pensioner helps out scam victim

Amanda Jackson
Amanda Jackson

A kind hearted pensioner in his 80s, has handed over £500 to a fund set up to help Hillsborough woman Amanda Jackson, who lost over £70,000 in an elaborate hoax during a house sale.

The man, who wants to remain anonymous, handed the money over to Drumbeg Parish Church so it can be given to the fund.

Friends and family have rallied round to raise over £12,200, which will help towards Amanda’s crippling debts. Amanda had to take on extra loans after around £76,959 was taken from her during the scam.

She is no further on in retrieving her money, but Amanda is very encouraged by all the support she has received.

Recently Downshire Tennis Club had a fundraising event which raised £1,500.

Amanda is attempting to recoup as much money as she can, but believes the episode may leave her in debt for most of her life.

Paul Logan, treasurer with Drumbeg Parish Church, described the donation from the pensioner as ‘very generous.’

“The parishioner read the story in the paper and I know he just wanted to help,” he said. “He did not know how else to help so gave us the money and we are carrying out the man’s wishes. Recently, he donated money to the Nepal Earthqauke victims too.”

Amanda was cruelly duped a few months ago, during the sale of her house. Emails were sent between her and her solicitor on the transfer of a conveyancing payment when they were intercepted as she tried to complete the purchase.

She called into her bank - thinking that this was the safest way for her to transfer the money - to send the money to a new bank account after receiving details she believed to have been sent to her by her solicitor.

However, her solicitor did not send the email and the money was transferred to the wrong account.

By the time the mistake was realised, the money was gone.

Friend Victoria Hatwell said the whole episode has caused Amanda much distress.

“Since the incident happened Amanda has heard of similar cases mostly, in England,” she said. “All we know is that an email was intercepted abroad and the money was then transferred to a number of bank accounts. By the time Amanda realised what had happened the money was gone.

“We have all been very enouraged by the the generosity of people, especially those who are moving homes who have donated. Some have handed big amounts while others are smaller but it all adds up.”