Pipe bomb discovered in Newtownabbey

Police PSNI officer scene
Police PSNI officer scene

Police are investigating the discovery of a viable pipe bomb type device in the Newtownabbey area on Monday.

The security alert owas centred on Hollybrook Crescent and a number of residents, who had been evacuated from their homes, were allowed to return late on Monday night.

The street was also re-opened, having been closed to traffic.

Sinn Fein councillor Michael Goodman said the people responsible for leaving the device have “achieved nothing but the displacement of families” from their homes.

“Again we have seen families forced from their homes on a cold winter night in the mouth of Christmas by a bunch of people who have been rejected by this community,” he said.

Some of the evacuated residents were able to take refuge in the Valley Leisure Centre which had been made available by council staff.