Police call on Coleraine football fans to behave

PSNI officer
PSNI officer

Police have issued a call for Irish League fans to behave respectfully this season.

The PSNI statement, which comes just before the start of the new season, made particular reference to “football fans in Coleraine”.

It asked them to behave in a “safe”, “legal”, and “responsible” fashion.

Constable Colyn Wilson said: “We don’t want a repeat of the disorder we saw following the Coleraine/Cliftonville match back in April of this year.

“As a result of that ongoing investigation over 20 people will be reported to the PPS and where appropriate we will be seeking banning orders.”

He added: “We recognise that the vast majority of fans are there to enjoy the match and there is no harm in a bit of friendly rivalry between supporters however we will not tolerate disruption, disorder or criminal behaviour of any kind.

“As always we will continue to work with our local football clubs and the Irish Football League to address any criminal activity linked to people attending matches and ensure that supporters are kept safe.”