Police mock drugs courier on Belfast-bound bus over lost package

Dumfries Police social media
Dumfries Police social media

Scottish police have invited the owner of a drugs haul mistakenly taken from a Belfast-bound bus to “pop in” and claim it back.

The drugs package – worth around £6,500 – was in a suitcase picked up on Tuesday night by a man who got off a bus travelling from London to Belfast in Dumfries.

Police were alerted in an effort to rectify the mistake, however, they are now keen to trace the bag’s rightful owner to effect an arrest.

Mocking the drug courier on Facebook, Dumfries Police said: “Were you a bit wasted last night? Did you misplace a suitcase with £6,500 worth of drugs in it....Great news, it’s been found and we have it at Dumfries Police Station.

“Just pop in, tell us what’s inside it, where you left it and we will be happy to return it to you!”

The Facebook post went on to clarify: “You will be arrested and will only get the empty case back after the court case.”

An additional line on the same message said: “On a separate note: Check if your cocaine is good. Mix with vinegar. If it makes a volcano, it’s baking soda. If not, your drugs are ruined. Don’t do drugs. Drugs are bad.”

Police in Dumfries are trying to trace a man in his mid-20s with fair hair, wearing denim jeans and a hooped, fawn-coloured top. He spoke with a Scottish accent.