Police: Pipe bomb landed on pensioner’s bed

A suspected dissident republican pipe bomb landed in the bed of a Co Tyrone pensioner, police have said.

The device was viable but failed to explode. The 65-year-old woman was uninjured after the explosive was hurled through a window on Sunday evening (August 6).

Chief Inspector Alan Hutton adresses media in Londonderry

Chief Inspector Alan Hutton adresses media in Londonderry

It was removed from the house by another person and thrown into a nearby hedge at Melmount Villas, Strabane.

PSNI Chief Inspector Alan Hutton said: “There can be no justification, this is stooping to new low.”

Police attended the scene on Monday evening and the device was made safe by Army technical officers and recovered by police for further examination.

Mr Hutton said: “We would be pointing the finger at dissident republicans.”

The PSNI has launched an attempted murder investigation.

The senior officer said the attack had struck fear into members of the community.

He said the majority opposed such violence and appealed for them to come forward with information to help find those responsible.

“Those who left it have clearly no regard for the people living here,” he said.

“This was a reckless attack on the local community, which could have caused serious harm, and I am appealing for the community’s support in identifying the perpetrators.”