Probe underway after mother found dead in Belfast blaze aftermath

The scene in the Belvoir estate
The scene in the Belvoir estate

The authorities are probing the cause of a fire in a house where a mother’s body was discovered.

The discovery was made in the wake of the blaze at a bungalow in the Belvoir estate, south Belfast, on Sunday.

The fire brigade logo

The fire brigade logo

The emergency services were alerted to the fire in the Archdale Drive area at about 2pm.

Although the police did not identify her, and the fire service offered no further details, she was named as Wilma Potts by estranged husband, Raymond Potts.

She was understood to have been aged 51, and to have a daughter.

A post-mortem examination is to be carried out on her.

Mr Potts was quoted by the webiste Belfast Live as saying: “She just kept herself to herself and would never had done anyone a bad turn.”

Alliance councillor for the area Paula Bradshaw said the “local community will be in shock and saddened at this news”.

It is also believed that two Bichon Frise dogs – named as Daisy and Bo – were also found dead afterwards.

It is the same estate where, in July 2015, a man had been found dead following a sword attack.