‘Provo princess’ P7 teacher convicted over Facebook rants

Anne-Marie Clements posed the comments on her Facebook account
Anne-Marie Clements posed the comments on her Facebook account

A young primary school teacher’s career has been cut short after she posted hate-filled pro-IRA and anti-Protestant comments on social media.

Anne-Marie Clements, a 25-year-old P7 teacher at a school in Glasgow, was questioned by police in December following complaints from parents.

She was fined £600 at Paisley Sheriff Court on Wednesday where a prosecutor said that Clements, of Buller Crescent in Blantyre, was pleading guilty of posting grossly offensive and sectarian remarks on social media, which took place at her home address, in Perth, and while she was at St Mark’s Primary in Barrhead.

In a string of Facebook messages Ms Clements – who had described herself as a “Provo princess” – attached pictures of IRA gunmen and made reference to “Orange b*****ds”.

Last November she posted: “So called refugees ... think there’s a bigger issue. What’s being done about the protestants?”

Clements initially denied being responsible when confronted by her bosses at the school.

The court hearing was told she was invited by the school authorities to open her social media account which she did.

However, Ms Clements began deleting her posts in front of the witnesses, according to the Daily Record newspaper report.

She was suspended from her teaching post – and later remained silent during a police interview under caution.

Her defence lawyer told the court his client’s career was finished as she had now lost her job, and that she would be removed from the register by the General Teaching Council following her conviction.

He said her professional life was over shortly after it had started.