PSNI ask Belfast parents to be aware of children’s whereabouts

Facebook post from PSNI South Belfast
Facebook post from PSNI South Belfast

Parents have been asked to be conscious of where their children are by PSNI in South Belfast after it emerged a crowd of around 100 gathered in Lagan Meadows in Stranmillis last night.

The post on the PSNI South Belfast Facebook page also revealed that the fire and rescue service was needed to extinguish some gorse fires in the area.

The post read: “Police attended Lagan Meadows in Stranmillis shortly after 9pm this evening.

On arrival there was up to 100 boys and girls aged 12 to 16 years, music playing, some worse for wear with drink.

Sadly fire service also had to be tasked to put out some gorse fires.

This area is very dark, has barbed wire fences, and is beside the river.

Listen I don’t want to be a killjoy, but equally I don’t fancy pulling someone out of the river, and I am sure you agree fire service have more important calls to attend.



Constable McCoy”.