PSNI gives Co Down pupils talk in Irish


PSNI officers are to give a talk on internet safety talk to Co Down primary school children in the Irish language.

The visit to pupils at Bunscoil Bheanna Boirche (Bunkers Hill) in Castlewellan on Tuesday (February 7) is the first time a Northern Ireland school visit by police has been conducted in Irish.

In a notice posted on the PSNI Down Facebook page, officer ‘PQ’ said he/she was “really excited” about the initiative and added: “This is a first for us in the PSNI.”

The officer went on to say – in a message in English posted beneath the same message in Irish: “Admittedly I have had to get some help from a friend in the police college as I need Google Translate to help me with English never mind Irish.

“It seems only right that children learning Irish should have their internet talks in Irish too but unfortunately the parents who are coming to a more intense parents session in the evening will be stuck with me going into more depth in English. Wish us luck. I think this is going to be fun.”

By Tuesday afternoon the message had attracted 15 positive comments and had been ‘liked’ 79 times.

One said: “I’m sure the effort to give this talk as Gaelige will be much appreciated by kids & parents. Best not tell Arlene what you’re up to though.”