PUP claims police brutality against Protestants

PUP leader Billy Hutchinson
PUP leader Billy Hutchinson

PUP leader Billy Hutchinson has condemned the alleged actions of a number of police officers after an incident in which he claimed a number of women in north Belfast needed medical attention.

He said the incident took place at the junction of Twaddell Avenue and Crumlin Road on Monday.

“A number of Protestants were making their way home along the Crumlin Road when they were attacked by nationalists throwing missiles,” he said.

“Following this people in Twaddell Avenue moved towards Crumlin Road and met an excessively forceful response from PSNI.

“The response included women, men and young people getting hit with batons, punched and kicked to the ground.

“The PUP categorically condemns this treatment of members of the public by PSNI officers. Is it right that the PSNI should be adopting tactics that leave women needing medical attention?”

He called for anyone with complaints to contact the Police Ombudsman.

A PSNI spokesman said that around 9.15pm on Monday “opposing factions confronted each other” in the Crumlin Road area.

“Police officers intervened and quickly restored calm,” he said.

“A 33-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of several offences including riot, disorderly behaviour and assault on police. He has since been released on police bail. No police officers were injured.”

“Anyone with a complaint about the actions of police can contact the office of the Police Ombudsman.”