Relocating bomb squad ‘could save lives’, says DUP MP

DUP's Gregory Campbell
DUP's Gregory Campbell

DUP MP Gregory Campbell has once again made the case for a bomb disposal unit to be based closer to the north-west of the Province.

It comes after 15 families were evacuated from their homes after a suspect device was planted near Lettershandoney in Londonderry.

The East Londonderry representative said: “This incident once again highlights the need for the bomb disposal unit to have bases closer to where the majority of these type of incidents are occurring.

“I have been raising this with both the NIO and the security services for some time, if it takes over an hour to get to locations where incidents happen on a regular basis then having the unit based in more central locations saving time and possibly lives is something that should be done immediately.”

Hitting out at those who planted the device, Mr Campbell added: “Yet again it appears that those intent on terror have caused significant fear and disruption in local rural communities because of their actions.

“Those who tried this sort of activity and much worse in the past, failed, and so will those behind this.”