Robinson condemns racist sign at bonfire

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A hand-painted sign with the words “foreigners out” at a bonfire in east Belfast has been condemned by the MP for the area.

The slogan was photographed after being painted on a wooden pallet at the bonfire close to Ravenscroft Avenue.

Late on Tuesday afternoon, the BBC reported that the pallet had been removed.

Gavin Robinson, DUP MP for East Belfast, said: “As soon as I was made aware that a sign had been placed at the bonfire I made contact with community representatives in an attempt to resolve the situation.

“Over the last 12 months I have been working on an ongoing basis to resolve problems around bonfires in east Belfast, particularly the type of community safety issues witnessed last year. It is vital that this engagement continues, but unfortunately individuals can undo some of the progress that has been made.”

Mr Robinson added: “Engagement and dialogue is the only way that real progress will be made in this area and we must empower those who want to see positive cultural celebrations which can be enjoyed by everyone.”

Alliance councillor David Armitage had called on police to act over the slogan, and described it as a “complete disgrace”, adding: “Migrants play a hugely positive role in our community.”