Sex abuse victims assured of more PSNI support


A senior detective has said a team of dedicated PSNI officers will investigate any claims of historic sexual abuse in Co Fermanagh.

Detective Superintendent Anne Marks also confirmed that 11 people have now informed police about childhood abuse up to 30 years ago.

The special PSNI team was established in recent weeks following a number of complaints made to the Impartial Reporter newspaper.

“Policing now of this type of crime is completely different to policing of that type of crime 20, 30 years ago,” D/Supt Marks told the BBC.

“We now have dedicated officers – those officers deal with cases of abuse, of child abuse, sexual abuse, domestic abuse on a daily basis.”

The senior officer said that of the 11 current complainants, almost half had previously come forward to police.

Ms Marks said the modern approach is a more supportive one, and added: “We can only go where the evidence takes us so the more people that come forward the bigger picture we will have of what actually happened at the time.”