SF criticised over stance on parking enforcement


Sinn Fein will be embarrassed by newly-released information relating to a row over parking enforcement in Coalisland, Lord Morrow has claimed.

The DUP MLA said the lack of a single Sinn Fein representative at a November meeting to discuss how infringements are dealt with showed the party was “unwilling to engage in a scheme which would be to the betterment of traffic flow and parking, including disability access”.

He added: “They are determined there will be no government-based enforcement in their stronghold.”

Last May an Assembly question revealed that no parking tickets had been issued in Coalisland over a three-year period between 2010 and 2012, while more than 200 were handed out in the much smaller Fivemiletown.

Lord Morrow added: “As in many aspects, they (Sinn Fein) are content to see other areas suffer unduly from traffic enforcement, but not on their doorstep.”