Steps taken to protect Orange hall from thieves

Clifton Street Orange Hall
Clifton Street Orange Hall

An historic Orange hall in north Belfast has had to replace all its exterior lead after a series of thefts from the building.

For the second time in a year Clifton Street Orange Hall was targeted by thieves, specifically for the lead used to waterproof the building.

North Belfast DUP MLA William Humphrey condemned the theft which came to light after water came pouring through the roof during heavy rain causing damage to ceilings, walls and carpets.

Mr Humphrey commented: “It is appalling that the hall has been targeted for lead theft once again.

“These shameless thieves care nothing for the internal damage caused to buildings as a result of their crime. As is always the case in such incidents, the value of the lead stolen is negligible compared to the cost of replacing it and repairing the consequent damage to the building.

“As a result all lead has now been removed from the exterior of the building and replaced with substitute material.

“I urge anyone who can assist the police investigation into this theft to bring forward any information they have.”

As well as the recent lead thefts the 132-year-old hall had been attacked with paint bombs last April, hours after a parade took place in Belfast to mark the centenary of the Easter Rising.

Mr Humphrey said: “Clifton Street Orange Hall is a key historic building in the cultural corridor from Donegall Street to Crumlin Road. It is increasingly popular with visiting tourists and groups keen to learn more about the Loyal Orders in Belfast.

“My party colleagues and I will continue to work with the Hall Management Committee to see this important cultural centre protected and developed for future generations.”