Tactical support PSNI called for stone throwing children

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A PSNI Tactical Support Group was called in after a gang of up to 15 young people were reported to be throwing stones in north Belfast.

DUP councillor Dale Pankhurst said there had been “further interface trouble” at Hillview on the Lower Oldpark Road on Tuesday night.

Responding to him on Facebook, one woman said they had to get people from a nearby gym to “escort the summer scheme kids out of friendly fire” adding that “a child is going to get badly hurt”.

Another woman said children are “throwing at cars continuously” and that a group was “right across the road last week trying to get the cars to stop”.

In response, Chief Insp Kelly Moore said that a police patrol responded to a report of 10-15 young people throwing stones in the Limestone Road after 8pm on Tuesday.

“The group of young people made off as police arrived. Later in the evening, police came across another group of young people in the Oldpark Road area, who dispersed on our arrival,” she said.

“Local officers, supported by our tactical support group and evidence gathering colleagues continued to patrol the area to prevent anti-social behaviour and detect those involved.”

She urged young people to understand the impact of their behaviour on their community and repeated an appeal to parents and guardians to know where their children are and what they are arranging on social media accounts.