Teenager is fined for sneaky plane smoke

An Easyjet passenger plane
An Easyjet passenger plane
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A sneaky smoke on a plane has cost a Strabane teenager £150.

Antrim Magistrates Court heard that despite 19-year-Gary Shields setting off the “highest alarm” possible on the flight from Glasgow to Belfast International on December 1 last year, the EasyJet flight landed safely and the nicotine addict was later issued with a summons.

A prosecuting lawyer said the flight was in midair when the smoke alarm in the toilets was triggered but when cabin crew went to investigate, Shields tried to flush the cigarette butt away.

The toilet however was a dry flush model so the crew had to throw water down into it in case it started a fire.

District Judge Peter King said that despite returning the postal summons still blank Shields, from Olympic Drive in Strabane, had indicated a guilty plea.