This is what £2.5million drugs seized in NI looks like - before the heroin, cocaine, ecstasy... are disposed of

Drugs to be disposed of - PSNI Facebook
Drugs to be disposed of - PSNI Facebook
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The picture you see is what £2.5million drugs looks like when bagged - before it is disposed of on an Order from the Court.

The post on PSNI Facebook says officers are “aren’t moving house” but “just acting on the Orders from the Courts”.

The post says: “Following on from a Court case, the judge makes a destruction order to make sure the drugs are disposed of.

“This is what 165Kg of Class A, Class B and Class C drugs looks like.

“It has an approximate street value of around £2.5M.”

The post adds that everything from “heroin, cocaine, ecstasy, lsd, cannabis, mephedrone, amphetamines, diazapam etc etc etc” are contained in the bag

“These drugs have been removed from our communities over the past 6 months,” it adds.

“Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but having seen the devastation that drugs has caused to users, their families, and innocent bystanders.....

“Together we can remove drugs from our streets.

“We cannot do it without your help.

“You can PM the page, speak to your local officers, call 101, or speak completely anonymously to Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.”