Viable device in Newtownabbey condemned

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People in Newtownabbey are “sick, sore and tired” of having their lives disrupted by people who plant suspect devices, a local representative has said.

A number of families had to leave their homes while Army Technical Officers investigated an incident at Cherrylands in Cloughfern on Monday morning.

A controlled explosion was carried out on the viable device uncovered during the alert.

It is the latest alert in Newtownabbey this year.

While some have been hoaxes, DUP MLA Paula Bradley warned that the level of disruption caused by these alerts is enormously frustrating to locals in the area.

“Local people are sick, sore and tired of the planting of suspect devices in Newtownabbey over recent months,” said the Assembly member. “No-one has the right to impose such danger and disruption on others. We cannot allow such thuggish and potentially lethal behaviour to continue. Those responsible should know that their tactics and their agenda are rejected by the vast majority of society and there will be no tolerance of their crimes.

“We are grateful to the police officers who evacuated local families and to the army technical officers who carried out a controlled explosion to clear this device. I also commend Newtownabbey Borough Council who made the Valley Leisure Centre available for families evacuated from their homes.

“I appeal for anyone who knows anything which would assist the police to catch those responsible to pass that information on without delay.