Video: Timeline and CCTV of suspected 'IRA' unit on way to attempt to murder PSNI officer

CCTV footage.
CCTV footage.
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CCTV footage of two cars used by the self-styled 'IRA' in an unsuccessful attempt to murder a PSNI officer in East Belfast on June 1 has been released by detectives.

The footage shows the two cars, a green coloured Skoda Octavia, registration 01D 78089, and a silver coloured Saab 95, registration NFZ 3216, entering the east of the city shortly after midnight on the day of the unsuccessful murder bid.

Appealing for information Detective Superintendent Sean Wright explained that the Skoda is believed to have travelled along the M1 from Lurgan before joining the Saab and entering East Belfast at around 12.08am.

At this point the Saab 'disappeared' for an hour, said DS Wright, while the Skoda continued along the Newtonwards Road before also 'disappearing' ten minutes later.

DS Wright said he believed both cars travelled along the Newtownards Road at around 1.26 a.m. to the home of a serving PSNI officer where a bomb was placed under his car.

Further footage shows the two cars then travelling out of East Belfast at around 1.33 a.m.

“We know that the Skoda travels on the M1 from Lurgan direction towards Belfast after 10pm that Friday. Today I’ve released new CCTV showing the two cars coming into East Belfast at 12.08am. After this, the SAAB disappears for over an hour. The Skoda continues its journey along the Newtownards Road before disappearing around 12.18am," said the senior detective.

“I know that both cars travel along the Newtownards Road at the same time towards the officer’s house in East Belfast at 01.26hrs – this is when I believe they planted the bomb. On the CCTV we can see the two cars travelling back along the Newtownards Road at 01.33hrs. I believe that the terrorists had already planted the bomb by this time and were fleeing the scene.

“We have already established that shortly after this at 01.50hrs, these two cars were reported having been set on fire on Etna Drive, North Belfast. However, there is over an hour – from around ten past midnight until twenty five past one - where these cars are unaccounted for and I want to know where they were.

“Our investigations indicate that the cars remained in East Belfast, in and around Lower Newtownards Road, Mersey Street, Sydenham, Short Strand, Albertsbridge Road and Beersbridge Road. Did you see them?" he asked.