Villiers refusal on Kincora inquiry ‘unforgivable’

Theresa Villiers is due to arrive in Washington on Tuesday
Theresa Villiers is due to arrive in Washington on Tuesday

Theresa Villiers’ refusal to include Kincora in the UK-wide abuse inquiry has been branded “unforgivable,” by a DUP Policing Board member.

The Secretary of State has resisted pressure to allow recently disclosed secret state files to be considered by the nationwide probe chaired by New Zealand judge Lowell Goddard.

On Thursday she repeated her assertion that the Northern Ireland inquiry led by Sir Anthony Hart – examining claims of political involvement in a paedophile ring that operated from the east Belfast boys’ home – was the best forum to assess the evidence.

Robin Newton said he was disappointed the newly released files had not altered Ms Villiers’ opinion.

“The Secretary of State’s stance is unforgivable. The Secretary of State is hiding behind the excellent work being done by Sir Anthony Hart within his Northern Ireland Historical Institutional Abuse Inquiry (HIA) knowing that its powers are limited,” he said.

“Given the suspected strong security links about Kincora’s evil past it’s her duty to diligently pursue the Westminster paper trail. Whist the government has said it will give the ‘fullest possible’ cooperation with the HIA, Sir Anthony Hart has previously said that the HIA ‘does not have sufficient powers’ in its present form to investigate issues relating to the Army or MI5.”

Mr Newton added: “The suspicions around political and security figures along with both local and London-based people needs to be fully explored. Everything about this house of shame needs to be brought out in open including those who turned a blind eye.”