Villiers to praise the RUC’s legacy at Police
Federation conference

Theresa Villiers
Theresa Villiers
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The legacy of the Royal Ulster Constabulary will be warmly praised by Theresa Villiers when she addresses the Police Federation conference later today.

The Secretary of State will also tell the PSNI officers that the lack of full powers for the National Crime Agency in Northern Ireland is “making life easier for very organised crime gangs”.

Ms Villiers is also expected to praise the “service and sacrifice” of the RUC and their families over many years, saying: “There are some who overlook or deny the contribution the RUC made to securing the relative peace and stability we have today.

“Well I can tell you that that is not a position that I or this Government will ever take – we will remember them.”

The Secretary of State is also expected to warn those engaged in paramilitary intimidation and race hate crime that they will face the full rigours of the law.

“My message to these criminal thugs who prey on the communities in which they live is simple – break the law and expect to be investigated, charged and prosecuted, and if you’re convicted, expect to go to prison where you belong.”