Would-be Belfast hijacker struck by car following struggle


A man has been arrested following two attempted hijacking incidents in west Belfast on Wednesday afternoon.

The suspect is understood to have been struck by a passing car as he fled from a struggle with the male driver of a van he attempted to take on the Falls Road.

A short time earlier, the same man assaulted an elderly woman in Cavendish Square as he tried to steal car keys from her.

The investigating officer, Constable Kieran Murray, said: “Reports were received that just before 4.30pm, a man approached an elderly lady in Cavendish Square and attempted to take her car keys from her. A struggle then ensued and the woman was assaulted, however, the man left the scene empty handed.

“A short time later an attempt was made to hijack a van nearby on the Falls Road. Following a struggle with the male driver of the van, a man fled the scene and was struck by a passing white coloured car as he left.

“A 24-year-old man was arrested a short time later and has been taken into custody. The elderly woman was badly bruised and both her and the male driver of the van were left badly shaken.”

Constable Murray added: “I would appeal to anyone who was in Cavendish Square or on the Falls Road and who witnessed either incident to contact police in Musgrave on 101. I would also ask the driver of the white car that reportedly struck the male as he left the scene of the incident to contact officers to tell us what they saw.”