Would-be hijacker smeared excrement in cell


A man who was so drunk he has “little recollection” of hijacking a community worker’s car, proceeded to smear a police cell with excrement after he was arrested, a court has heard.

Jonathan Briers, 33, targeted the “vulnerable” female motorist after she had just locked up a community centre in west Belfast.

The incident came less than a week after he was released from prison after serving a sentence for robbing the KFC outlet on the Shankill Road.

Briers, who has 126 previous convictions, appeared at Belfast Crown Court where he admitted four charges arising from the hijacking which occurred at around 4pm on December 4 last year.

He was restrained at the scene after the woman gave him the wrong set of keys and went to seek help at a nearby business premises.

Briers then refused to provide a preliminary breath test to officers, and whilst in custody he smeared excrement in a cell.

A solicitor for the father-of-one, from Cherryhill Road in Dundonald, said Briers was “completely appalled” by what he did to the female motorist, and was also “ashamed and embarrassed” by his behaviour in the police station afterwards.

The solicitor added that his client wished to offer a “full apology” to the female motorist and the two men who came to her aid for the “unsavoury incident”.

They also highlighted the fact that Briers apologised at the scene prior to the arrival of police.

After hearing submissions from both the Crown and defence, Judge Sandra Crawford remanded Briers back in to custody and said she would pass sentence on Friday.