Danger to life with NI weather warning today

The Met ireann weather alert is valid until 7am on Christmas Day.
The Met ireann weather alert is valid until 7am on Christmas Day.

The Met Office has warned that very strong winds across Northern Ireland could pose the risk of injuries or danger to life today.

The winds are expected over parts of Northern Ireland and southwest Scotland today, New Years Eve.

The Met Office has warned that that there will “probably be some damage to buildings such as tiles blown from roofs, with flying debris likely with the possibility of injuries or danger to life”.

It adds: “In coastal areas large waves are likely as well as beach material being thrown onto coastal roads, sea fronts and perhaps some properties.

“Longer journey times and cancellations are likely as road, rail, air and ferry services may be affected. Some roads and bridges are likely to close. There is also a good chance of power cuts and the potential to affect other services such as mobile phone coverage.”

The Amber Warning is in place from 4am to 1pm today, with a slightly less severe Yellow Warning in place until 3pm.

An Amber Warning means people should “be prepared to change your plans and protect you, your family and community from the impacts of the severe weather”.

A Yellow Warning means that people should plan ahead, thinking about possible travel delays, or the disruption of day to day activities.

Meanwhile the PSNI has warned that the Legacurry Road in Lisburn has been closed due to a fallen tree and that drivers should seek an alternative route.

The Halfpenny Gate Road in Moira is closed because of a fallen pole that is blocking the road.

The PSNI also advised that there were reports of damage in Comber and Ballygowan areas.