Deadline in test case over internment

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The British Government has been set a final High Court deadline to disclose documents to a west Belfast woman suing over her 1974 internment, lawyers have said.

Evelyn Gilroy’s legal team said on Friday that the PSNI and MoD were also given 16 weeks to hand over all necessary material.

Failure to comply will mean the defendants’ cases are struck out, it was claimed.

Ms Gilroy is involved in a test case which could pave the way for writs from hundreds of others held without trial.

She alleges she was subject to inhuman conditions after her arrest in May 1974.

She was held for three days in an RUC station then moved to Armagh prison until Christmas, according to her claim.

She is seeking damages for wrongful arrest, false imprisonment, and more.

Outside court her solicitor Padraig O’Muirigh said “the court made a formal ‘Unless Order’ which sets a final deadline of 16 weeks for the PSNI, the MoD and the British Government”.

He said “a large number” of other internees are awaiting the outcome of the case.