DETI silent on creationist claim

The �18.5 million Giant's Causeway visitor centre
The �18.5 million Giant's Causeway visitor centre
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ARLENE Foster’s Stormont department has refused to comment after the discovery of an email from one of her officials which referred to the possibility of the Giant’s Causeway visitor centre only receiving millions of pounds in public money if it included a creationist exhibit.

The email states that the National Trust – which opened the new visitor centre in July after receiving £9.25 million from the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Investment (DETI) – had expressed “unwillingness to accept creationism to be included in the exhibition, as a grant condition”.

The News Letter approached the department four days ago, asking whether it had ever suggested to the National Trust that including creationism at the centre would be a condition of receiving public funds. The department did not respond.

Last night the man who uncovered the email, Alliance councillor Andrew Muir, called on DETI to clarify its role in securing a creationist exhibit at the centre.

The National Trust said that it had never been put under political pressure about the issue.