Dolan family’s faith in justice ‘slightly restored’ after sentence extended

Peter Dolan, surrounded by family members, makes his statement outside the High Court in Belfast
Peter Dolan, surrounded by family members, makes his statement outside the High Court in Belfast

A man whose son was carried for 800 metres on the roof of a killer driver’s van says his faith in the justice system has been “slightly restored” after the motorist’s three-and-a-half year jail sentence was extended by 12 months.

Speaking outside court after Monday’s Court of Appeal judgment, Peter Dolan said there were “no winners” in the outcome, and that his son Enda “is not coming home with us”.

“Our son Enda had a horrific death, mown down as he innocently walked along the pavement back to his halls of residence on the Malone Road in Belfast,” he said.

“He was left like a bag of rubbish alone in the middle of the road without even being checked by either Stewart or Casement to see if something could have been done to save his life. This image haunts us every day.”

Enda Dolan was a student at Queen’s University and was on his way back to his accommodation when he was struck by the van and killed in October 2014.

In April last year, passenger William Ross Casement “walked free” with only community service, while driver David Lee Stewart was sentenced to three-and-a-half years in jail and the same time on licence.

Mr Dolan added: “Thankfully today our faith in the Northern Ireland justice system has been slightly restored but there is still a long way to go.”

Many other parents have been “disgusted” by such sentences and many more will do so in the future unless something is done, he said.

“It is time someone in authority sat up and took notice. This should not be allowed to continue – the legal system needs to be addressed, and now, before the next alcohol or drugs-fuelled driver gets into his or her vehicle and drives off and then walks away with a ridiculous sentence.

“We further appeal to our elected representatives to come out and support our campaign to get the law changed – death by dangerous driving is not selective, it does not discriminate.”