Donald Trump: Anti-Trump protesters to stage rally in Belfast city centre

Protesters are due to gather in the centre of Belfast tomorrow evening to express their opposition to US President Donald Trump’s state visit to the UK.

US President Donald Trump.
US President Donald Trump.

The event at city hall (6:30pm) has been billed as a protest against the president’s “shameful record on human rights.”

It is being organised by ExAct: Expat Action Group NI – a group of Americans living in Northern Ireland.

According to the organisers, speakers at the demonstration will include Patrick Corrigan of Amnesty International and Ivanka Petrova Antova from United Against Racism.

Speaking ahead of the event, Mr Corrigan said: “Donald Trump’s presidency has been marked by a truly shameful record on human rights.

“Locking up child migrants, branding journalists as ‘enemies of the state’, and blocking the work of the International Criminal Court are just a few of the items on the Trump presidency roll call of shame.

“We have a responsibility to speak out when we see leaders stoking the flames of fear and bigotry and when we see the powerful trampling on the rights of the vulnerable.

“Looking ahead, Amnesty is concerned that a UK, desperate for post-Brexit trade deals, may mean Downing Street gives a free pass to the White House, despite its trashing of human rights at home and abroad.”

A spokesperson for the ExAct group said none of Northern Ireland's political parties have been specifically invited to the event, but added that representatives from all parties are welcome to attend.