Drop in overall candidates for election

The Electoral Office in Belfast
The Electoral Office in Belfast

There has been a notable drop in the number of candidates vying for a seat in the Assembly in this election, matching the drop in MLA seats.

This year, 228 people are standing for a seat, as opposed to 276 last year (a roughly 17% drop).

The constituencies with the greatest numbers of candidates are East Antrim, East Londonderry, and West Tyrone – all of which will see 15 people vying for seats.

The constituency with the lowest number of candidates is Newry & Armagh, with a mere nine.

This time around, would-be MLAs will be fighting for one of five seats in each constituency, as opposed to six last time, after the total number of MLAs in the Assembly was reduced.

The current split of MLAs in the Assembly is: DUP 38, Sinn Fein 28, UUP 16, SDLP 12, Alliance eight, Green two, People Before Profit two, TUV one, independent one.

However, this total number of 108 will now drop to 90 (also about a 17% drop).

According to an analysis by the BBC, the DUP has 38 candidates in total this time around, followed by Sinn Fein with 34, the UUP with 24, the SDLP 21, Alliance 21, Greens 18, TUV 14, Conservatives 13, People Before Profit seven, Workers Party five, Cross-community Labour Alternative four, PUP three, Cista three, and UKIP one – plus another 22 independent candidates.

See this link for details of exactly who is standing where.