DUP MLA clarifies criticism of Gregory Campbell’s Irish jibe

Paula Bradley
Paula Bradley

A DUP MLA has explained comments in which she apparently expressed her opposition to Gregory Campbell’s ‘curry my yoghurt’ mockery of how Sinn Fein MLAs use the Irish language at Stormont.

North Belfast MLA Paula Bradley attended a hustings event at Lagan College on Monday during which she was asked about the issue and reportedly said that she was unhappy at her party colleague’s controversial jibe.

Ms Bradley could not be contacted by the News Letter yesterday, but the DUP press office released a statement in her name which said that on the day Mr Campbell made his comments “my focus...was on a different, but vitally important issue...a debate on pancreatic cancer”.

On Twitter on Monday, Ms Bradley was more candid. She said “we have nothing to fear from a language” and said Mr Campbell’s remarks “detracted from the important issues of that week including the Mairia Cahill debate”.

One person at the event tweeted that Ms Bradley was “all but saying” that she supported gay marriage. But she replied on Twitter to say: “Didn’t quite say that though I do believe we need to be much more tolerant. p45 for Bradley”.