DUP MP takes up fight on behalf of Province’s boxers

Gavin Robinson
Gavin Robinson

A DUP MP is fighting for boxing to get “proper recognition” in Northern Ireland.

East Belfast DUP MP Gavin Robinson has called the AIBA (The Amateur International Boxing Association), to give official recognition to the NI Boxing Association, allowing boxers from Northern Ireland to compete competitively for their country.

Mr Robinson said: “This is a fundamental issue for boxers from Northern Ireland, who compete or have the potential to compete on thr world stage. They want nothing more than the chance to represent their country and for many, that means being recognised as from Northern Ireland.

“At present boxers who identify as Northern Irish or British cannot compete for Team GB and ultimately, fight under the Republic of Ireland by default.”

He added: “Sport can and does bring communities together, as was the case at the recent fight at Windsor Park, where people from across the divide came to watch our world class boxers – Carl Frampton and Paddy Barnes in our national stadium.

“It is only right that our boxers deserve the right to represent their country.”