DUP MP ‘working for banners resolution’

South Belfast DUP MP Emma Little Pengelly has given assurances that she is working to see an urgent resolution to tensions in the Cantrell Close area after loyalists erected banners featuring a series of IRA atrocities.

The banners appeared in Cantrell Close and Global Crescent on Sunday - two estates which were designed to house people from both sides of the communities.

Defended by loyalist blogger Jamie Bryson, the banners were attacked by the SDLP, Alliance Party and Sinn Fein.

Ms Little Pengelly told the News Letter: “I am working with residents, the Housing Association and others to seek urgent resolution to the ongoing issues and to ensure no one feels intimidated or unwelcome in their own home.”

The MP had previously been involved in the removal of flags representing the 1912 UVF British army regiment.