Durkan hits out at Foster's comments on Irish language act

Mark H. Durkan
Mark H. Durkan

The SDLP's Mark H Durkan has hit out at former First Minister Arlene Foster over her comments today that the DUP will 'never agree to an Irish Language Act'.

Mr Durkan, a Foyle Assembly candidate, claimed: “The DUP are positioning themselves to fight a campaign based on division and tribalism. However, they cannot be allowed to turn this into another orange and green election. They must answer for their scandal, arrogance and incompetence which has brought this Assembly election about.

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“Both I and my party will continue to fight for the establishment of an Irish Language Act to preserve and encourage the language.

“It is imperative that a rights-based Act supports Irish speakers in Derry and throughout the North in the freedom to use the language in public life, without constraints.”

Earlier today Mrs Foster, addressing the audience at the DUP's election launch in Lurgan, said if there was to be an Irish language act, there should be a Polish language act because more people in Northern Ireland speak Polish than Irish.

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