Nesbitt joins fight over Dundonald High School

Mike Nesbitt
Mike Nesbitt

ULSTER Unionist leader Mike Nesbitt has met the South Eastern Education Board with a “hold fire” plea over the pending closure of Dundonald High School.

He met the board after speaking to new head teacher Ken Perry and his staff “who have a compelling rescue plan for the school”.

Mr Nesbitt said: “Ken Perry is a former pupil which shows that the school can produce excellent people.

“There has been scant investment in the school. New sporting facilities were promised and never materialised, and when rumours of closure start, it doesn’t make for confidence in the community. But this is an expanding community, and a vocational plan is in place which must be allowed to germinate.”

In a letter to parents, the board has said it wants to shut the school by August 2014. Thursday was the deadline for comments on the board’s plan.

Already a Save Dundonald High School campaign on Facebook has attracted 2,000-plus ‘hits’ and a petition was signed yesterday by hundreds at nearby Ards Shopping Centre.

A statement from the board confirmed that Thursday was the deadline for comment on the closure plans “on August 2014 or as soon as possible after that”, and that all responses would be considered before a final decision was taken.