New tactic to encourage boost in student voting

Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast

A leading students’ organisation is hitting the road in an effort to encourage young people to vote in May’s Assembly election.

The union NUS-USI is taking its “campervan of dreams” on a tour of all third level education campuses in Northern Ireland this week.

President of NUS-USI Fergal McFerran explained the rationale.

“Overall voter turnout for elections to the Assembly has dropped by over 14 per cent since 1998, yet our engagement with students across Northern Ireland suggests that they are passionate about making their voice heard,” he said.

“Students have great hopes, big dreams and excellent ideas for the future. There are so many issues that students feel strongly about, and this tour is all about saying that in order to be heard, you must register to vote.

“It’s crucial that everyone registers to vote to ensure that they can have their say on all the issues that they care about.

“We are going around campuses across Northern Ireland with the campervan of dreams, to emphasise that it’s essential to register to vote, and we will be doing it in a fun way.

“Students are the present and the future of our society. They are the future teachers, doctors, engineers, and business leaders. Their voice must be heard, and it is vital that all students register to vote to enable this.

“NUS-USI is taking the campervan of dreams on tour to set the wheels in motion and encourage students to register to vote and have a say on their own future.”