Study finds Belfast most cost-effective city for UK students

Queen's University Belfast
Queen's University Belfast

Students in Belfast enjoy one of the UK’s most cost-effective university experiences, a new study has found.

The Ulster Bank Student Living Index shows that those studying in Belfast tend to work more part-time hours, spend less on alcohol and pay less in rent than their counterparts in Great Britain.

However, they spend the most in the UK on ‘clothes, shoes, and accessories’, according to the Index. Comparatively lower rents is a key factor in Belfast’s overall cost-effectiveness, with students spending the least on rent – an average of £73.81 per week – compared to a the UK average of £109.

Belfast students also spend an average of £7.03 per week on alcohol – less than students surveyed in many other UK cities, and only slightly more than the overall average of £6.85.

Portsmouth was deemed the most affordable city, with Edinburgh the most expensive.

Sean Murphy, regional managing director, branch & private banking Ulster Bank NI, said: “Choosing where to study is an important financial decision due to the significant differences associated with the cost of studying in different cities.

“Once at university, managing your finances effectively is also crucial.”