Take time to get good career advice, A-level students told

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Alliance economy spokesperson Stephen Farry has advised A-level students to seek professional careers advice around their options, including apprenticeships, after receiving their results this morning.

Dr Farry, who said every qualification was an achievement in itself, said: “Many students will have achieved what they need for their already chosen next step, but for others there may be a sense of uncertainty.

“Despite the current uncertainty around Brexit, there are a wealth of opportunities in terms of education, training and indeed employment.

“It is important to consider the full range of opportunities from higher education to further education, and in particular the new options now available in relation to apprenticeships, including higher level apprenticeships.”

Dr Farry said it is important that anyone who is uncertain over their next step does not panic.

He said they should “take a moment to reflect” and seek “professional advice from the Careers Service who are based in every major city and town across Northern Ireland, and who are specifically there to answer queries and to provide information”.

Meanwhile, the Council for the Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment have paid tribute to the thousands of “contracted examiners and moderators – the great majority of whom are practising teachers – who have played a central role in marking and awarding this year’s examinations”.

CCEA director of qualifications, Anne Marie Duffy, said in the space of six weeks “more than 4,000 examiners, moderators and markers have worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure all 436,000 CCEA GCE and GCSE examination papers have been marked”.