Three ex-MLAs get jobs on Education Authority

The DUP's Brenda Hale
The DUP's Brenda Hale

Four unionists and four nationalists or republicans have been appointed to the Province’s panel for running the school system.

The political background of the eight new members of the Education Authority has been determined based on the size of the parties to which they are affiliated.

The DUP nominations are as follows: David Cargo of Newtownards, who was a previous board member. He has provided advice in recent years to the DUP.

David Craig of Hillsborough, another previous board member and ex-MLA.

Brenda Hale, also of Hillsborough, also ex- MLA.

The Sinn Fein nominees are Nuala Toman of Lurgan (a researcher for the party and former board member), Monica Culbert of Belfast (a previous board member, who has canvassed on behalf of Sinn Fein at elections), and Oliver McMullan, the former MLA.

The SDLP nomination is Giovanni Doran of Londonderry, a lay Magistrate who is chairman of the SDLP’s district executive for the region.

The UUP nomination is Andy McMorran of Belfast, who was previously a member of the board.

He has declared that he has not undertaken any political activity during the last five years and he does not currently hold any other public appointments.

Annual pay for the posts is £8,800 plus travel and subsistence allowances.