Election 2015:Quotes from the campaign trail April 16

Jonathan Brady/PA Wire
Jonathan Brady/PA Wire

Today’s quotes from the campaign trail....

“A coalition of chaos. The SNP acting as the chain to Labour’s wrecking ball, running right through our economic recovery...is the terrible prospect this country faces” - Conservative leader David Cameron

“We decry the soggy centre-left consensus and...our opponents better be looking over their shoulders, because we are coming for the SNP and we are coming for Labour” - Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson

“The prospect of a left wing alliance between Labour and the SNP has been well covered. What’s equally possible is an alliance that will drag Britain further and further to the right: Blukip - a bloc of right wingers from Ukip, the Conservatives and the DUP that could hold the balance of power” - Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg

“We’ve had four ex-generals come out recently and say the strongest argument against Trident is a military one. If you consider that our biggest threats, they reckon, are cyber warfare, terrorism and global natural disasters, it’s clear we need a different sort of focus” - Green MSP Alison Johnstone

“David Cameron has chosen not to turn up tonight to defend his record. Here’s what I believe - I think if you are applying for the job of prime minister, the very least the British people expect is for you to turn up to the job interview” - Labour leader Ed Miliband

“Far too many people in Scotland and across the UK are suffering from the scourge of in-work poverty - the very idea that people go out to work every day and still can’t make ends meet is nothing less than a disgrace” - Deputy First Minister John Swinney