Elliott intervenes to have poppy ban lifted

Tom Elliott
Tom Elliott

Security staff in and around the chamber of the House of Commons will have a poppy ban lifted following the intervention of Ulster Unionist MP Tom Elliott.

From next year onwards, the Westminster doorkeepers will be permitted to wear the emblem throughout Remembrance week rather than on Armistice Day only.

Mr Elliott said he was surprised to notice the doorkeepers, whose duties include maintaining “good order and security” in and around the Commons’ chamber as well as escorting visitors and allocating seating, were not wearing poppies in early November.

The Fermanagh and South Tyrone MP said the official policy was “at best an anomaly” that needed addressed.

“Given that the Palace of Westminster is the seat of Government in the United Kingdom and where the decisions are made to send the men and women of our Armed Forces into conflict, a number of people felt that it was inappropriate that doorkeepers who work there could not join with the rest of the country in wearing poppies in the period running up to November 11.”

Mr Elliott added: “I raised this with the Serjeant at Arms in the Commons and I am pleased to say that following a consultation process, doorkeepers will now be permitted to wear poppies from November 4-11.”